His Young Heart
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landfill // daughter

'cause this is torturous electricity
between the both of us and this is
dangerous ‘cause i want you so much
but i hate your guts, i hate you

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Bloody Shirt (Bastille Remix)
To Kill A King
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Get out and get gone
This town is only gonna get worse…
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"Everyone wants to be Batman, but everyone should be Captain America."

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"So it seems time to pronounce a rule about American popular culture: the Golden Forty-Year Rule. The prime site of nostalgia is always whatever happened, or is thought to have happened, in the decade between forty and fifty years past… And so, if we can hang on, it will be in the twenty-fifties that the manners and meanings of the Obama era will be truly revealed: only then will we know our own essence. A small, attentive child, in a stroller on some Brooklyn playground or Minneapolis street, is already recording the stray images and sounds of this era: Michelle’s upper arms, the baritone crooning sound of NPR, people sipping lattes (which a later decade will know as poison) at 10 A.M.—manners as strange and beautiful as smoking in restaurants and drinking Scotch at 3 P.M. seem to us. A series or a movie must already be simmering in her head, with its characters showing off their iPads and staring at their flat screens: absurdly antiquated and dated, they will seem, but so touching in their aspiration to the absolutely modern. Forty years from now, we’ll know, at last, how we looked and sounded and made love, and who we really were."

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String Quartet No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 110: II. Allegro Molto
Emerson String Quartet
Shostakovich: The String Quartets
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We need to talk about Shostakovich more

String Quartet No. 8 in C Minor, op. 110: II. Allegro Molto.

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Kiss Me
The Fray
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Kiss Me (Cover) | The Fray
Kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
Silver moon’s sparkling
So kiss me
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"She stuck a bookmark in my heart and walked away."

—Saul Williams (via petrichour)
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Walk On The Wild Side
Lou Reed
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(Modern teddy girls in Next magazine, 2010.)

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This is no joke, it really happened in my first responder class today

My EMR instructor: You arrive at a scene with a patient laying on the ground. You check their level of alertness and they appear unconscious. You have already opened their airway with an adjunct and are administering oxygen.
What do you do next?
Student: Call 911!
My EMR Instructor: YOU ARE 911.
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